The recent health situation developments in Cambodia due to the rising of new COVID-19 cases, pushed the authorities to demand the closure of all schools including Sala Baï, on December 1st.

The 138 students remain in the dormitories in order to attend their online classes. Because the students stay at the school despite its closure, they are able to pursue some activities in small groups while strictly following the health security measures. They are developing the agroecological school’s garden that is close to the dormitories and practicing sports.



New online classes for the students


Thanks to its previous experience during the first school closure at the beginning of 2020, the training team and the social workers are quickly adapting their work method.

The teachers prepared their online courses and are now using Google classroom and Google meet to organise their meetings and courses online.


Chanta, teacher in the Beauty Therapy department, is running an online class with her students.


In order to enable all students to fully benefit from this online pedagogy, Sala Baï improved the internet network at the dormitories. All the students were assisted in the use of the digital tools for their first online classes of the school year.



Keeping the training going on


The new students’ schedule is divided into two different times. During one half of the day, students are attending one English class and one theorical course.

For the second half, students do their homework and move forward with their school projects thanks to the digital tools.


Sreyrai KUON is following an English course on her smartphone. 


The after-school activities are maintained, although students must be in small groups and respect the health security measures. They are developing the participative garden. Indeed, the agroecological raising-awareness is making its entry into the training programme of Sala Baï. Students are also practicing sports, they are playing badminton, volleyball, petanque etc.

Thanks to the hard work and the rapid response of the training and the social worker staff the students are able to keep learning at the school despite this difficult context.

Thank you all for reorganising the life at school!


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