Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development

A home for disadvantaged children and young people

APLC supported the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development (KFJPD) Foyer in Sre Ampil created in 1994 until its expropriation in August 2020. It was located 27km South of Phnom Penh and housed girls, boys and youngsters, orphaned or abandoned by parents too poor to raise them. Since August 2020, APLC has been supporting Battambang Foyer of the KFJPD where all children and youngsters were relocated.

 The KFJPD in 4 objectives:

help these children and youth succeed in school by offering support Khmer courses, foreign languages, mathematics, science
transmit their culture of their country by learning the traditional songs, dances and music
empower them by making them contribute to the daily tasks but also collective farm work: rice crop, guarding animals
rebuild a stable environment for these children.

Present since the outbreak, APLC takes care of the medical follow-up of the young accommodated people and of their school monitoring.


Focus – Sala Baï, a green school

Sala Baï une école verte EN V2 Read More

The agroecology at the heart of Sala Baï training:  Camborea NGO, a new partner

The agroecology at the heart of Sala Baï training: Camborea NGO, a new partner

Our Team at Sala Baï interviewed Christophe Baillet, general officer at Camborea. Camborea is a young local Cambodian NGO created in 2015 in Siem Reap by a French-Cambodian couple to help the more disadvantaged among  their own community. The NGO has specialized into agroecology, food self-sufficiency and the preservation of the rich and natural Cambodian heritage of biodiversity. Starting from 2021, sustainable agriculture will be at the center of students training. To do so, a 850 m2 garden is being constructed. It pursues many objectives including the fight for environmental protection and against global warming, the access to a healthy and diverse food and the use of short supply channels. Wishing to be more sustainable, Sala Baï is cooperating with… Read More

School closure: at Sala Baï the students remain in the dormitories to attend their online classes

The recent health situation developments in Cambodia due to the rising of new COVID-19 cases, pushed the authorities to demand the closure of all schools including Sala Baï, on December 1st. The 138 students remain in the dormitories in order to attend their online classes. Because the students stay at the school despite its closure, they are able to pursue some activities in small groups while strictly following the health security measures. They are developing the agroecological school’s garden that is close to the dormitories and practicing sports.     New online classes for the students   Thanks to its previous experience during the first school closure at the beginning of 2020, the training team and the social workers are… Read More

International Solidarity Volunteering vacancy: Director (M/F) of Sala Baï Hotel School Program – Siem Reap, Cambodia

International Solidarity Volunteering vacancy: Director (M/F) of Sala Baï Hotel School Program – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Origin and background of the program Located in Siem Ream in Cambodia, near the Angkor archaeological site, the Sala Baï Hotel School was opened in 2002 by the French NGO Agir pour le Cambodge to enable Young Cambodians from extremely poor families to gain rapid access to long-term employment in an economic sector that is booming: the tourism sector. The Sala Baï Hotel School thus plays a role in fighting poverty and human trafficking. Every year, it provides free training to 150 young Cambodians, qualifying them for jobs in the Hotel-Restaurant business (Front Office, Restaurant, Cooking, Housekeeping and Beauty Therapy) with priority given to girls (70%) given their greater vulnerability and reduced access to education. The school covers the full… Read More


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