Origin and background of the program

Located in Siem Ream in Cambodia, near the Angkor archaeological site, the Sala Baï Hotel School was opened in 2002 by the French NGO Agir pour le Cambodge to enable Young Cambodians from extremely poor families to gain rapid access to long-term employment in an economic sector that is booming: the tourism sector. The Sala Baï Hotel School thus plays a role
in fighting poverty and human trafficking.

Every year, it provides free training to 150 young Cambodians, qualifying them for jobs in the Hotel-Restaurant business (Front Office, Restaurant, Cooking, Housekeeping and Beauty Therapy) with priority given to girls (70%) given their greater vulnerability and reduced access to education.

The school covers the full cost of a year’s training: education, food, accommodation, uniforms, bikes, school supplies, health care insurance, etc. A training hotel and restaurant are open to the public providing students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. They are a vital part of the training and enable the school to self-finance part of its budget.
Since 2002, over 1,600 young Cambodians have been trained at Sala Baï and hired in the most dynamic sector in the country, enabling them to become financially independent and to improve their living conditions as well as those of their families.

www.salabai.com | www.agirpourlecambodge.org


The Director Cambodia is responsible for the smooth running of the Sala Baï program in accordance with his/her mission, the values of APLC and the objectives set by the Committee.

  • Under the authority of the Director & President of APLC, the Director Cambodia is responsible for implementing the strategy decided by the NGO’s Board of Directors.
  • He/she must ensure that systems/procedures are in place and are properly applied so as to guarantee the efficient management of the program, in particular in terms of social impact and financial rigour.
  • Using his/her leadership skills, the Director must create a shared vision for all staff. He/she must ensure that team work is encouraged and that each individual employee feels valued.
  • He/she is responsible for establishing and maintaining good working relationships with representatives of the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, institutional and private providers of funds and the other partners and ambassadors of the program.
  • He/she is required to play an active role in fundraising in the aim of ensuring the long-term continuation of the project, in particular through actions in Cambodia.


Under the authority of the Director of APLC, the Director Cambodia is responsible for the following key functions:

1. Implement the strategy defined by the Board of Directors
2. Produce monthly reports (in French) and quarterly and annual reports (in English) for providers of funds and the Cambodian authorities.

The Director Cambodia has full responsibility for strategy implementation and ensures that this
implementation is clear and in line with the strategy established by the Board of Directors and the
employee teams in Cambodia. He/she is also responsible for implementing financial and
operational indicators for monitoring purposes.

3. Manage the team in Cambodia and hire local teams and volunteers
->Management of the team (34 Cambodians + 2 French volunteers and 1 Civic Service volunteer)

  • Ensure cohesion in all of the teams by sharing the NGO’s vision and major goals with all team members – Create an enthusiastic, supportive and skilled team and take any corrective measures that may be necessary,
  • Check that levels of authority and responsibility are clearly defined,
  • Coordinate the regularity and content of operational and teaching-related meetings.

->Human resources

  • Ensure the career development of employees through skills transferring and/or professional
    training programs,
  • Participate directly in hiring team members with the assistance of the Head of Teaching,
  • Perform annual staff appraisals,
  • Ensure that management tools (job descriptions, skills assessment forms, etc.) are easily available to staff and fully understood,
  • Adhere to APLC’s compensation policy (salary grid, employment contracts, procedures, etc.) and comply with internal regulations and Cambodian employment law.

4. Monitor the students and the social impact of the program

Define and monitor measures that are necessary to ensure the quality of the school’s work, in particular with regard to:

  • Quality of the teaching of technical subjects, English and general subjects,
  • Recruitment and selection of students in strict compliance with the selection criteria,
  • Quality of students’ well-being outside of school (dormitories, hygiene, health, sports and cultural activities) working with the team of social workers,
  • Find internships for students and help them to find their first jobs,
  • Finalise the creation of the alumni association (Sala Baï Family Foundation) and help to publicise it,
  • Put in place indicators of the social impact of the program (assessment grids, statistics, actions in the field, etc.) working with APLC in Paris.

5. Draw up the annual budget and ensure that it is implemented and complied with

The Director Cambodia is responsible for the accuracy of the accounts and the monthly report to Paris, for the purposes of annual certification of the accounts. He/she draws up the Cambodia budget on an annual basis which is approved by APLC’s Board of Directors. He/she ensures that the budget is followed and complied with in accordance with deadlines, working with the Finance Director in Paris.

6. Supervise proposals submitted to providers of funds and financial reports to the latter (reports to foundations, major donors, etc.) in accordance with the pre-defined timetable in liaison with the communications team based in Paris.

7. Represent the organisation vis-à-vis the supervisory authorities, providers of funds and local partners, and specifically:

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with departments at the Supervisory Ministries, multi- or bilateral providers of funds represented at a local level, international and national NGOs and civil society organisations,
  • Maintain and develop special relationships with partners operating in the Cambodian tourism industry (hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, joint tourism bodies, etc.).

8. Assume responsibility for communication on the program

The Director Cambodia has a communications specialist working as an international volunteer
who reports to him/her. He/she must:

  • Ensure that communication from the school (internal and external) is of high quality and efficient, whether it is made through social networks, brochures, presentations of the program, videos, etc.
  • On a daily basis, carry out a public relations exercise vis-à-vis clients in the training restaurant and hotel, which act as a real showcase for the school (working with the communications specialist and his/her assistant),
  • Maintain special relationships with the local and/or international media and act as a spokesperson for APLC.

9. Develop and create loyalty for sources of funding and sponsoring of the program in Cambodia by taking whatever measures are necessary, and by getting directly involved, if necessary, to increase and sustain the local funding of Sala Baï

10. Ensure that the NGO’s buildings, equipment and assets in Cambodia are maintained. A new campus was opened in late 2015 and new dormitories in 2018, enabling the school to accommodate 150 students in better conditions.

11. Act to prevent fraud, corruption and abuse of power (internally and externally)

12. The Director Cambodia is also responsible for monitoring two local development programs supported by Agir pour le Cambodge.

  • In Sré Ampil, 20km from Phnom Penh: An educational program at a Cambodian Children’s Home set up by the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development, which APLC has supported since 1993.
  • In Kompong Cham: An educational program, OBT (Organization for Basic Training) which provides Cambodian children with extra lessons to complement the state schooling they receive. APLC has supported this program since 2016.

These two programs are monitored on a regular basis, both on site and through financial and general reports.


The Director Cambodia should meet the following selection criteria:

  • Post-graduate degree/diploma,
  • Solid management experience in the technical teaching and/or hotel and tourism sector would be a distinct advantage,
  • Good understanding of how to manage an operating account and financial reporting skills,
  • Solid experience in managing a team in a multi-cultural context (if possible, internationally),
  • Ability to write and speak English fluently (drafting of general and financial reports, etc.) and good French,
  • Ability to communicate with ease at a high level (hotel managers, Cambodian and French authorities, providers of funds, press and media, etc.),
  • Strong sense of responsibility vis-à-vis the students with regard to their training and their health,
  • Commitment to human and social values that go hand in hand with a development aid project.


  • The position is based in Cambodia, in Siem Ream.
  • Occasional travel to Phnom Penh and to other provinces in the country, in particular for meetings or family visits.
  • The employment contract will be a French VSI contract (international solidarity volunteering contract) for a minimum period of 2 years, which is renewable.
  • Gross compensation is USD 2,000 per month (accommodation allowance included in the salary). The contract will be governed by French law covering VSI contracts
  • The Director Cambodia will also be entitled to:
    – Free meals at the training restaurant during the school year
    – A free return ticket in economy class Siem Reap/Paris/Siem Reap

Position available from July 2019 – Mandatory training of at least 4 days will be provided in Paris in association La Guilde Internationale du Raid
Are you interested?
Send your CV and covering letter to:
Attention: Félicité OGEREAU
Head of Human Resources
[email protected]

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