Organization for Basic Training

Education to fight poverty

OBT (Organization for Basic Training) is a Cambodian association founded in 2007 by a former APLC social worker. Back in his native village of Chiro, Kampong Cham province, he has been convinced that the fight against poverty requires a better education. OBT therefore aims to provide children in the surrounding villages with free supplementary education in addition to the public school courses, which are still very low.

Thanks to OBT, children from farming families earning less than $300 a year can attend – free of charge – classes in Khmer, English, computer science, traditional music and dance and have access to a library and playgrounds. They can thus develop their school knowledge, re-appropriate their culture and bring it to life in a safe and friendly environment.

To date, 413 children benefit from this program and 11 local teachers are employed by the organization. Since September 2016, APLC has been supporting this local program by funding the annual salary of a teacher.

OBT also develops programs for villagers such as access to running water, sensitization to sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Later on the children of the village will be able to become young citizens, actors responsible for the development of their country.

All of these projects are financed in part by the reception of tourists in guest rooms that allow visitors to experience family life in the countryside, on the banks of the Mekong River, participate in fishing activities and discover the extraordinary atmosphere of this associative school.

To learn more about OBT and to visit them, click here. http://www.obtchiro.com

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